Stop the War!

stop the war

We release this Song with 99 other remixes digital on all Mp3 & Streaming Shops arround the World!shopleiste_Webseite_feaa3c53ee

A release with 100 different remixes / versions against War and Terror!

100 % of the royalitys go to War and Terror Victims arround the World.

Please support our Project with your Remix, and be a part of this helpful Project.

You earn NO money for this, but you can help with one Remix Or a share on your fanpage 🙂

Deadline :



All Genres are aceppted (You must only use the Original Vocals)

Download the Remix Files here
Stop the War Remix Pack
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please Upload your finished Remix here


Please Share also the Original to your Follower, Friends, Blogs
or Play it, Chart it etc….

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Thank you!

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